Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours was designed to provide quality education on child safety. The programme teaches children how to identify when they are feeling unsafe, which may be for any reason. Sometimes there is a life-threatening situation or trauma and sometimes it is just a normal part of growing up. Children are taught how to know when they are not feeling safe, regardless of the reason, and what they can do about it.

Since 1975, Protective Behaviours has been taught to many children across the world. It all began with Peg West in America and was then taken to Australia. It is now also offered in the UK and South Africa.

Workshops for children on personal safety

8 weekly lessons on personal safety concepts: feelings, safe vs unsafe, secrets, speaking up, safety networks, persistance, personal space and assertiveness.

Primary schools / children age 7 - 12

Includes lessons, worksheets and certificate Small classes

Contact details: Tel: 082 852 1629 (Ursula Tobler). E-mail:

“Not only has this course given him the necessary tools to protect himself and his friends against bullying but it has also given him the confidence to stand up for himself and friends using the support system that he set up through the necessary channels he was taught through this amazing course. Thank you for giving him the tools and confidence to grow up in his environment where he can feel safe and supported at all times.”
Mom of boy (age 9)

About Facilitator

Facilitator, Ursula Tobler, was born and grew up in Germiston, South Africa with her parents and four siblings. She studied Fine Art, Art Education, has a Celta (EFL) qualification, a diploma in Art Counselling and is registered as a counsellor with CCSA.

Over the years that she has been involved in education, she worked in various institutions from Gauteng, to Switzerland, to England and home again to South Africa. Her knowledge and experience of working with children comes through the years that she taught art, EFL and other subjects. Following her heart to farm, a dream she had since her youth, she grew garlic and potatoes for many years, then later returned to study, teaching and counselling.

Protective Behaviours helps build resilience. Strong, healthy minds and souls make good defence against negative influences. Even better than to help hurt children, Protective Behaviour concepts offer a way to increase resilience and possibly prevent harm in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure. Ursula has completed the training for primary school level and now runs Protective Behaviour workshops privately or through schools.

“While giving extra lessons to children, I was reminded of what most teachers realise - that some children struggle not because they need more lessons, but because they are unable to cope with the basics. Something else is wrong in their lives and needs to be addressed urgently. This is where they need the help before they can learn. Well-meaning parents and educators try their best and heap on more and more extra lessons, thinking that they are helping, but all the child needs is less not more. They need help with what is holding them back and when they are stable, and safe they will be able to learn again. This is what turned my direction toward counselling, and art is the language that I am familiar with.”
Ursula Tobler