“Get me out of here.”

For some reason you have found yourself stuck. Be it in a situation, a relationship, your way of doing things, thinking, feeling. Stuck, even in your own head. Everything you do, everything you have tried doesn’t work or is not enough and you can’t find any other way by yourself. It’s time to seek help, someone to help you see your ‘blind spots’, get clarity, find alternatives, make changes, even amid situations that are beyond control. Time to reframe.

Available Counsellors

Here to help – List of counsellors available during Lockdown SA

Other related professionals are included. The list will be updated regularly. Please contact the counsellor directly.

These counsellors are also able to offer their services using alternative methods of technology, if need be.

Alison Ricco

Art Counsellor, Teacher
Specialisation: children & Parents

Contact Details:
Telephone: 072 116 3142
Area: Capital Park

Alternatives: WhatsApp video call, Zoom

Claudia Rautenbach

Registered with CCSA
Specialisation: Children & families

Contact Details:
Email: info@littlehikkups.com Send Email
Telephone: 083 391 1370
Area: Moreletta Park

Alternatives: WhatsApp video call, Zoom

Ronelle Hartman

Art Counsellor
Registred with CCSA

Contact Details:
Email: ronellehartman@yahoo.com Send Email
Telephone: 083 702 3000
Area: Pretoria

Alternatives: WhatsApp video call

Ursula Tobler

Art Counsellor
Registered with CCSA

Contact Details:
Email: tgrowcc@gmail.com Send Email
Telephone: 082 852 1629
Area: Midvaal and Germiston